Tidings of Comfort and Joy

tidings-of-comfort-and-joy6We are inspired by the women of color that we serve. They inspire us each and every day and I am sure that their stories of challenge, commitment and fortitude will also inspire you. Here's Paulette's Story.

"Paulette is a single divorced mother of three, who also cares for her ailing father. Recently divorced, life has been a constant struggle to feed, house and clothes the children. Yet, she is determined to make her life better so that she can improve their lives. She is determined to become a nurse. She enrolled in school did very well with her studies, graduated while working two part time jobs. Now she has two problems, she can't find a job and she can't take the nursing exam because she owes money to her school. She just doesn't have the $2600 needed to pay the remainder of her tuition. If she in not able to get the $2600 soon she will lose the skills that she sacrificed for so long to achieve."

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